Monday, February 23, 2009

Sounds of Silence

Hello dark line my old friend
I've come to commune with you again
Because the physio softly speaking
Said you'd help the shoulder and stop me weeping
But the sonics that are planted in my brain
They still remain
The sounds.....of silence

Translation....the physio had said that swimming would help my annoying shoulder problem, and as I had been tossing round the idea of doing the swim and run section of a tri, I thought I should attempt a bit of a paddle. So Sunday afternoon I trotted off to the pool for my first swim in nearly 4 years.

I did 1.5k before my arm and shoulder started to hurt, but I was amazed at how easy it was to get back in the rhythm. Fully warmed up at the 600 metre mark then up, down, up, down for another 1k, I'd forgotten how relaxing I find swimming, I used to refer to it as my yoga.

There was only one tiny wee problem, and that is - I've gotten so used to doing cardio with my music plugged in (forever grateful Cactus) that I missed my tunes as I was splashing my way around. I'm now perusing the web to find an underwater iPod, along with checking to see if there are any new products at another favourite store.

When I was playing pool later in the day I did however recall the downside of swimming and that is residual water in the ears. However, as I playing with the old fulla's at the local, the sight of me bashing my head regularly to try and release the water didn't unnerve them at all, as I just fitted in with all the other tics and odd body movements displayed by some of the other oddball regulars.

Which leads me to another issue and that I am about to ring and complain about the bar staff at the local. Atilla the Barmaid and Mike the Pom no longer work there, and at one point my pool date and I did not feel safe. The bar staff had let two punters get intoxicated, then when they challenged us to pool there was no staff member around seeing that we were ok, just the old fulla's keeping an eye on things. Not Good Enough.


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