Sunday, February 1, 2009


Just in case any of you can't get to the link in the comment on the post below, here is the image referred to.

Swoon....though at this point I can't resist a wee gloat and say that out here in the real world I have a gorgeous set of shoulders that I get to play with, and get all distracted and hot and bothered over.

Sigh - off to the gym now to work on mine.


little drummer boy said...

Are the shoulders that you get to "play with", yours or someone else's??

unPC lesbian said...

Happy New Year LDB, Kong Hee Fat Choy and all that.

Someone elses of course, mine are a work in progress that is stalled at the moment.

Fortunately I have placed the Rugby 7's physio and massage next to my office, and I have just had a consultation with the teams physio and now have a new paln of action....tho it is still sometime before I'll be playing with the big wiehts for my shoulders.

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