Wednesday, April 15, 2009

....almost forgot

With my bewilderment over the interconnection of friends, I forgot to say (skite, gloat, show off) that I broke the 10k mark on the road over the weekend. puts my route as 10.35k, the child says it's 12k, so I'm going in the middle and saying it's 11k. If I get a chance this coming extra long weekend I will drive it and see what the car odometer says.

Of course I am well pleased that I've passed a benchmark distance, and finally can see that the glittering prize of the half marathon is actually attainable.

Little Drummer Boy, I had a steroid shot into my shoulder yesterday, so hopefully in another week I should be back to my shoulder and bicep mission. I desperately need to, my biceps are fading, whimper.


little drummer boy said...

Ouch!!. It's generaly the pro athletes that have to resort to the steriod injections. Has it worked??.

I'm impressed with your running stats. Still you must be missing the weights, or at least checking out your muscles in the mirror as your lifting. Or checking out the boys in the mirror who are checking you out while you're working out, and they're trying to be discreet about it(your a woman and you're working out, trust me it happens!!).

unPC lesbian said...

Still in the "it will hurt a bit before it gets better" phase. May attempt a wee weights workout this weekend.

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