Monday, April 20, 2009


Well advanced silence really, and the reason being that I am currently fighting for my job. Senior Management (aka The Bully) has decided my position is superfluous and is trying to dis establish my role. Which leaves me wondering why I regularly work over 50 hours a week, and 6 day weeks to manage events, generate lashings of revenue and return business, when apparently I am just not needed.

The whole process has been handled appallingly and in a manner that has created maximum humiliation for me.

I am currently waiting for a call from an employment lawyer to decide whether to proceed with a personal grievance claim, however in the meantime find myself fighting for a job in a place I now no longer want to be. I also find I am dealing with odd feelings of concern, knowing that my already overworked staff will somehow have to absorb all my workload into the 10 hour days thay already do.

I am reaching deep into the pool of positive affirmations and the strange hum you can hear is the constant chanting. I am also grateful that I am a waxer and not a shaver.


otter said...

I hope you are able to hang on to your job until you choose to let it go. best of luck.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies. Being made redundant a few years ago was the most stressful time of my life and I didn't even like the job.

I recommend you use all your sick leave starting now. Stress leave for the rest of the week.
Then if you have any holidays maybe a week or two cause when you start a new job you won't get any for ages. Overtime (unless you get paid heaps for it) also stops now. You'll feel great as you swan out the door at 4.30 Don't forget the four day week. Having every friday off also sounds heavenly.

What kind of redundancy package are they offering? Good, bad, miserable tight asses?

PS My life started getting better the day I was made redundant.

nzm said...


Don't forget to breathe.

And once it's over, come and recover with us in Barcelona - spare room waiting!

unPC lesbian said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, tho NZM, Barcelona, how could you!! I think you need a slap. It's number 1 on my cities I still have to visit.

Stress has kicked in and I have a most wicked cold aaarrrgghhh, so I guess these 2 days of leave are now sick pay.

Final answer prolly 2moro (if I go to work) or Thurs.

Redundacy would equal about 9 weeks salary...tho this has all be timed to be 2 weeks short of my anniversary date, so I guess I will have to fight for the 9th week.

Have spoken with lawyer and it does look like I have a greivance claim, which could yield a few more $$$ after fees. Will see how the next few days pan out.

Am just chanting like mad, this is the beginning of something new, eveything happens for a reason and it's all good, etc etc We will survive and get through this.

nzm said...

Well - come over here and slap me then.

We'll still have a room for you.

Double dare you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and take them to the cleaners - this recession has made employers act like they are God like and unacceptable!!

unPC lesbian said...


The Token Sinner said...

Redundancy, schmundancy. I resent the whole concept. My contract has a redundancy clause stating that I can be made redundant at any time and that I am not entitled to any form of redundancy payout. Disheartening stuff. Clearly my boss also suffers from a recession-inspired God-complex.

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

The fuckers. Good luck.

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