Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silver Lining

Of course totally focusing on the positives and also to prove I'm real woman, the current stress and ill health that has incurred means I am now at goal weight and still dropping. For any prospective dinner dates this means I will eat the full three courses, then probably want some truffles and liqueurs to finish off with.

Still no news on the "redundancy" as all the key players have been off site this week. I however have my first job interview tomorrow, and should hear next week on the other 2 positions I have applied for.

Positive chant, chant , chant.


Anonymous said...

you go girl - it would be good to get another role before they have the chance to make you 'redundant' and then take them to the cleaners with a PG for hurt and humiliation!

nzm said...

Absolutely agree with Anon at 1:44pm. 'Tis far better to leave on your terms than on theirs.

I think that you'll find that there are companies that will value your skills far more than they are presently being appreciated.

Sometimes it needs something like what you're going through to realise that.

Go for it!

unPC lesbian said...

I'm at the stage now of "make me redundant"....I'll take the money and run.....of course not letting on that I'm interviewing hard.

Yup, I'm so out of here no matter what.

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