Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Duffy Review

We had a great night, but the consensus overall was odd, very odd. Fabulous fabulous seats and well worth the exorbitant amounts of loot we paid as they were centre front, couldn't have been better.

Duffy's voice is amazing, the power of it is stunning, but the whole show came over as very odd, and it really was just Duffy singing the album and not a lot more. The sound problems during one song didn't help, and her strange outfit added to the oddness. She only really connected with the audience on the last track "Mercy" when she finally got people out of their seats, but then she is so young, working the crowd is still a work in progress. The show as it is really needs to performed in an intimate lounge bar environment to fully capture the feel.

I think a large contributing factor to the oddness was her band, who are all hot tight musicians but there was no feel, no vibe and came across as "yawn, here we go again". Plus the fact the the support act Nathan King was H..O..T.. and the vibe of their performance totally eclipsed that of the Duffy show. During their second to last tune the drummer had a "moment", the whole audience got the vibe, and it was so cool to see the band acknowledging that amongst themselves and saluting the drummer.

Post show discussion agreed that yes we'll see her again, but in 10 years time when her voice and performance have matured, but also we agreed that what would be good to see together would be the two Aimy's - Duffy and Winehouse - the black and white of new hot voices. I do think Duffy's show would have been far hotter had she had Winehouses band playing.


Jul said...

I like Duffy...if she performed in a would add to her lack of stage presence, maybe?

I remember seeing Fiona when she was young and totally out of it. She was so awkward with the crowd. Now, she's a pro, but her concerts are not as easy to get into. At least not for free...and that's usually how I go at this point because I'll write a "review" or whatnot on the site.

Either way, I would have liked to see Duffy...her voice is really amazing.

unPC lesbian said...

Her voice was and is brilliant, it was just the wrong venue, and the fact that the support act totally went off and outshone the Duffy show.

Do hope she gets to your neck of the woods so you get to see her.

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