Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost....but not quite

I've blogged before about the sanitising of Butch in the American media, and yes go and look at that link because it's got that image on it of a drool worthy specimen of butch.

The American media portrays Ellen de Generes as butch but in my world the response to that is, "I don't think so!". I have however just come across the image below, which, though I still don't class it as butch, is far enough into my specialist area of androgyny that I am almost swooning.

Now if Covergirl used images like that for their advertising campaign I could possibly ponder being swayed from my usual k.d.lang promoted M.A.C product.


nzm said...

Who's looking at Ellen, I'm looking at Portia's leg!

Seriously, in LA you'd be hard-pressed to find a non-lipstick lesbian in any of the trendy clubs. If there are some, they are generally androgynous and nowhere near butch.

This is the sample lesbian crowd on which the celebrity media must then try to apply the "usual" lesbian labels.

When she lines up next to Portia who is so femme, Ellen does look "butch" to the media.

Ellen and Sam Ronson would be about as butch as they would get to see.

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