Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Small Incestuous World

As I was pottering through my day yesterday I got some texts from SweetJane, was nice to chatter as it had been a few months. Later in the evening when I was clearing all those pesky facebook notifications from my email I thought I'd write on her wall to say nice chatting, and also to pointedly mention her Father and attempt to guilt her into getting her arse back down this end of the planet.

When I logged in and went to her page the first thing I saw was "SweetJane is now friends with International Lesbian". I immediately checked International Lesbians page and sure enough SweetJane is showing as a mutual friend. I am confused and very intrigued as to how they know each other, as the only people they have in common are myself and Ms Gotlucky.

SweetJane has been back home in the UK for around 6 to 7 years and I didn't meet International Lesbian until August year, and likewise it will be even longer since Ms Gotlucky has seen SweetJane and though she has known International Lesbian slightly longer than I, I still can't see any connection through there. (for those of you who are unfamiliar with Ms Gotlucky and International Lesbian, I can't be bothered linking, just use that little search box up the top left there to find the background story)

So I have messaged and emailed to find the answer, though I do think it's either just further proof of the small incestuous world we live in, or that hot women will naturally seek each other out. Hurry up and wake up HK and UK and switch ya bloody computers on.


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