Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 6 of I E E

Finally admit that sexy husky voice is no longer the result of an extended hangover from day 3 and head off to the Doctor, as it now also very painful.

Attempt to teach my cat how to use the newly installed cat door as she has never encountered one before. Give up after her claws start gouging the surrounding paint work. Find flatmates cat, set door to exit only, forcibly stuff weak bladdered pest through cat door then firmly lock. Clean up last nights cat pee, while resisting the urge to rub soiled clothes all over the flatmates pillow.

Send off the next job application, make banana bread, re check how many lesbians have joined my new group on facebook, clean the shower, and now off to research all those funny little HR questionnaires so I can be well prepared for my next interview. I will NOT fail the "what is your weakest point" question this time, and somehow I don't think my sexy voice will score extra brownie points.


Bryan Spondre said...

I abhor cats. Any cat that peed on my clothes would find itself sleeping under the back wheel of its owners car.

Cats are noxious pests that should be eradicated like all the other ferals.

Ditto the "weakest point" interview question. Surely your response is " Weak pints ? I don't have any you retarded fool".

unPC lesbian said...

Agreed re car and cat. My cat has been brought up outdoors, only allowed in when the Humans are home, so even now sleeps outdoors at night by choice. Flatmates cat is a psycho wuss, and trust me it's NEVER getting any real meaty treats from me again.

Yeah, my answer last time to that question was "I guess my weakest point is that I don't know the answer to this question."

Cactus Kate said...

So it's a hard life so far then UN-PC!!

Now you know what it feels like to be a housewife.

unPC lesbian said...

Cactus, you forget I know VERY well what it was like to be a housewife, and a company wife as was all so dreadfully exciting that I rebelled.

Yeah, I have that holiday feeling right now, but still desperately need employment.

B.S. said...

Ladies: at the risk of being beaten about the head - what is a "company wife" ?

unPC lesbian said...

Wife of a high earning company man. Does not need employment for fiscal purposes. Works as being a wife. Dresses well, doesn't say fuck in public or at coporate events, especially does not say "what a sexist c**t you are" to other high placed corporates when at table.

Entertains clients and colleagues of husband at home, caters for these events, etc etc etc

B.S. said...

Sounds horrible: especially level of self-restraint required.

XChequer said...

Hello Georgeous, been away for a little bit. You have been busy havn't you?

Now not saying this solely because you're life is sooo average at the mo, however, was up in Auckland today for work and ended up having coffee with Gok Wan from "How to Look Good Naked".

There is a man that I would turn for. This guy has so much.......umm.... mana about him. Mana being the only word that I can think of that encapsulates just what a superb person he is.

Mmmmmmm have just read my words above, am definately in touch with my feminine side.

Glad to see you moving on, hon. It certainly sounded like you were working for wankers.


unPC lesbian said... with Gok...swoon, he's almost as hot as Trinny and androgyny, my sort of boy.

Oh, and look, I resisted the temptation of calling you a name dropper, cos I'm sooo impressed.

Yup, still btw employment, but applying for many many jobs. Am tempted to make the girls play poker for cold hard tomorrow in an attempt to make some cash.

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