Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Boy

Dear New Big Boy at the Gym,

Around the wall and on the mirrors at the gym there are two signs. One says "do NOT drop weights on the floor", and the other one says "please put the weights away after use." I assume you can't read.

If you had looked at what the other people were doing instead of checking what I was doing, (yes yes, I know I AM the only woman doing weights there, get used to it) you would have seen that Nice Big Boy put his weights away immediately after use, and Irritating Boy who was using all the equipment and weights I wanted put his away after use. Everyone except you put their weights away after using them.

I realise this was possibly your first night there, so I worked around it, however if it happens again you can guarantee I'll be TELLING ON YOU!


PS. Could you also do something about those shredded stubbies you were wearing. I really don't wish to catch a glimpse of your dangly bits while you're bench pressing a weight that is obviously too big for you.


little drummer boy said...

Well perhaps he's trying to get your attention. Nothing attracts a hot lady more than a glimpse of ones boy bits under some dubios looking shorts!!!.

unPC lesbian said...

Oh wash mouth LDB, I like my boy bits somewhat less dangly than what was lurking in said stubbie remains. slap

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