Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cruel tricks # 1

Yes, I know they are all Judges and their minds are on higher things, and it is a residential course so they are all in their civvies, but surely, SURELY, someone could have told him that his jeans are just way too short.

Nice socks buddy!


Mrs Smith said...

hey! Thems is fighting words, Wrong Jacket Wearer!

unPC lesbian said...

ha, ha.....after suffering the humiliation of growing tall very quickly in my teenage years I am somewhat obsessive about my trouser length. I can guarantee that even if they don't match my suit jacket, they will be the correct length.

On a side not tho, I'm very tempted to blog some of the conversations I can overhear....I'm intrigued to know more about 1 lady Judges "plumbah" whom she refers to as the silver fox......

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