Monday, August 13, 2007

A new group

I see there is a new lesbian networking group that has been started, catering to those women that love frocks and stiletto's and naturally the odd handbag or two. I have pasted in their promo from the website, see if you can guess what's bothering me about it......

Capital City Femmes
the group for Wellington women who love women, high heels and handbags!
Capital City Femmes is a new group aiming to bring together the capital’s feminine lesbians in pursuit of fabulousness: dining, salsa & ballroom classes (two left feet a must!), twilight cruises and plenty of cosmopolitan drinking.For those game for a laugh, we are also planning some daytime activities, rollerblading (beginners), dog walking and maybe a bit of quad biking up the Kapiti Coast for the adventurous.
I am tempted to join, simply so I can see how they are going to quad bike in their stilettos with handbags in tow.


Mrs Smith said...

They sound like loads and loads of fun. if I lived in Wellington, I think I would be tempted to fake femme status and join. I have never been on a quad bike, with or without stilettos.

unPC lesbian said...

Agreed....tho it makes me laugh that they are trying to be unique and not confrom to the lesbian stereotype, then go and ruin it all in the last sentence.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me what gives you butches the sole right to go quad biking! hardly a lesbian activity - femmes r fun so stop stereotyping us will ya! I would love to attend a group like this if I lived in Wellington - they would understand my hair woes, be able to do my nails, then complain with me if we got splashed with mud on the quad bikes! lol. You don't get it, cos you're not one. Exactly why do you have a problem with this - do you know we as femmes face hetrophobia from our own community. How many times I have been asked accusingly on the scene whether I'm REALLY gay. I bet there's a real social support thing in this, hell I might even start one myself lol.

unPC lesbian said...

Err darhhling, I think you have missed the point. I would hardly describe myself as butch tho I guess my gym gear may count as such. Please read an earlier post called Lesbian Fashion, and you will find I love my shoes, skirts and dresses and don't feel the need to conform to any Lesbian stereotype of dressing. Androgeny is my prefered code but the body changes post child birth render that impossible.

The point of this post was my usual sarcastic humour on 2 counts;

1: being that they feel the need to have group of this nature, ie reinforcing your point.

2: the juxtaposition of femme and quad bikes.

It is humorous because as said before while even trying to do something different at the last sentence it falls into classic lesbian stereotype.

Oooh, I now feel a post coming on about how lesbians are unable to see the humour at taking the piss at themselves.

Anonymous said...

Sorry sweetie, to an outsider who had just come across your blog that's how it read.

I think it's the hard time I have hadon the scene - as a femme your sexuality is constantly questioned by both the gay and straight world and it's a bit annoying sometimes. Maybe I should get a car bumper sticker...can you think of any slogans? lol.

Yes I do think the idea of femmes on quadbikes is funny, surely that was the point they were making? lol. But then, isn't that stereotyping a femme? roflmao.

unPC lesbian said...

"I hate stereotypes", in rainbow colour of course....or as on my beloved sports car that I sadly had to sell (bloody children whats wrong with being strapped to the roof) "Girls kick arse".....

Charlie said...

Haha sounds amazing. My darling sister(bloody homophobe but I love her to bits) still refuses to believe I can be into both girls and shoes.

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