Friday, August 17, 2007

I wanna dance!

Why is that Auckland can manage to hold 2 successful women's dance nights each month and Wellington can't even manage 1, and when it is attempted it's a fukkin disaster.

I wanna go out and dance, at a nice venue packed full of Lesbians and the odd token gay boy, have good beats and dance my arse off.

Yeah yeah, I know, I should stop moaning and organise something myself, but as I spend 50 hours a week organising events for other people when it comes to down time I'd rather someone else took control. Besides I'm old, setting up dance events is a young peoples game.

And as for Our Bar, what a joke. Their website said "join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date on events", oh right so every time you click on the link and send an email it gets rejected. Then after trying another method and a different email address I get a response, but I'm still waiting for my update emails. It's been over 3 months now. Judging by the current link on the main Wellington website they obviously stopped doing anything on the 23rd of May. Great marketing gals, you're really going to pull in the punters with that.

So come on Wellington lesbians, get off your arse and make something happen, stop being boring.

And if anyone comments and tells me I can go dance at The Pines I will personally hunt you down and rip your clit out.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear there is nothing like Flirt in Wellington. Well that's not entirely true. We were down there one weekend and tried Our Bar - boring. And the only other gay venue was only men, one of whom wouldn't leave me alone or stop saying "I'm bi, I'm bi." His dripping desperation was a turn off to a lover of women, so we went to a straight bar. As you do.

Flirt is fab, treat yourself - come to Auckland for a Flirt weekend till Welly gets its act together.

unPC lesbian said...

We usually do now and then, but it's been a long time since visits this year.

Kinda sad really when ya have to spend $200 on airfares to go somewhere to dance......this is s'posed to be the capital city!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I was quite disappointed by Wellington's lesbian nightlife to be honest. I though the capital would lead in those stakes,considering the glut of female pubic servants in comfy shoes.

I will be back this October - hopefully it will liven up so by then so I don't have to go dance at The Pines. The Lesbian Ball was bad enough.

unPC lesbian said...

Lesbian Ball.....Auckland or Wellington?? I've done the ball down here the last 3 years as I manage the venue. Last years was a disaster due apparently to bitchy in fighting amongst the ranks...bloody women!!

I was under the impression that the Auckland one was ok...or maybe that's just because I was talking with my counterpart at the Langham and we were discussing revenue!

If you're coming over Labour weekend don't expect too much, Our Bar tends to close on public holidays!!!

Re female public servants.... you nailed it with the comfy shoes, they don't go out. Search my blog for the SWABH post.

Send me your email and we'll keep you informed of the tragic night life here!!

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