Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ripe for the picking

I have just spied growing in the gardens down the centre of Lambton Quay some beautiful red, green and yellow Swiss chard, that's funny coloured silver beet to you peasants. Usually they have the pretty decorative curly kale, looks lovely but no desire to eat as it's too closely related to cabbage.

I'm very tempted to sneak out and harvest in the dead of the night, but I fear the lead levels would counteract any goodness I would gain from eating it.

Big fat lie!!

I won't pick it because most recipes I use it in have lashings of yummy Gruyere cheese, cream and eggs, and I have the work "Biggest Loser" weigh in tomorrow. Since the in-house competition started I have gained 2.3kg, I think I'm going to win.


Yankee Doodle said...

That little strip-garden sure looks pretty, and the Swiss Chard looks lucious and healthy.

Do they use leaded gasoline there?

unPC lesbian said...

We have 2 grades, unleaded and predominantly unleaded.

As this garden is in the centre of one of the main streets of our capital city, I fear what the plants may have ingested in their growing life

Anonymous said...

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