Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can't help myself

I've been resisting all morning but I just have to do it, blog about one of my clients that is! Bad form I know but I just need to get it out of me.

I know we all like to make the most of our appearance before a big event but sometimes fresh and new just doesn't work. The head henchwoman of one of the events I have in at the moment has had her hair "done" ready for these next couple of days. When I saw her last week her hair was a boring SWABH, but now it's been done, or should I say DONE.

Orange stripes should not be attempted on anyone over the age of 20 and even then they should be discreet. The beige under colour is lovely and flattering but she looks like she has strips of floor mop lying on top.

I hope this is not some post menopausal trauma I have yet to look forward to.


Mrs Smith said...

SWABH? I googled it, and all I got was "Sent With A Big Hug." Doesn't seem relevant to hair. "Short With Awful Bouffant Hair-do"? I'm stumped.

unPC lesbian said...

Oops, an earlier post of mine. Search Boredom AAA+ in the blog.

Means Spinsters With Awfully Bad Haircuts.

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