Friday, August 24, 2007

On Pacific Blue and weight loss

Yes I've done it and I'm well pleased. In my glee at getting such cheap flights for a dancing weekend in Auckland I of course let all and sundry know. As a result newsroom girl sent me this wee snippet, and coffee girl this morning was saying the same.....

Greenpeace is warning cheap airline fares will only add to climate change.
Pacific Blue has launched its domestic service with fares of 39 dollars.
The airline will raise fares after six months but they'll still be under a hundred dollars between the main centres.
Susannah Bailey from Greenpeace says the price doesn't take into account the environmental damage.
Oh sod off Greenpeace, I'm seriously considering removing my bequest to you from my will, I'm sure someone else out there would greatly appreciate the $100. Anyway, the news a few weeks ago was saying the worlds oil supplies were to run out in 5 years so in the meantime I'm going to use up as much as I can on self indulgent cheap flights to Auckland to party and play with my friends.
On the subject of weight loss, I've just had this weeks "Biggest Loser" weigh in and another good loss, I'm now only 700 grams above my start weight. At morning briefing this morning it was decided that anyone who gets below their start weight will win, I'm gonna do it!! And ha ha to my staff who were trying to hinder my efforts by making a little altar around the toaster with all my favourite breads and bagels, I resisted........and the chocolate eclair that I'm currently eating doesn't count. However I have just been asked to take up a spare seat at the famous chefs dinner tomorrow night, which of course I have to do though, WHAT WILL I WEAR?
I think I am going to achieve new records on the treadmill this week.


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