Saturday, December 13, 2008

21st Century Communication

As you know my family is a very modern 21st century split family. Number 2 daughter lives with me in Wellington, and number 1 daughter attends boarding school in the same city as her Father and the Stepmother. That's his version of parenting.

The main method of communication between myself and the children is by text, as they are teenagers and that is their main form of communication with everyone. I buy them a $10 top up each month which they use for whatever deals they have on their phones. Both of them have deals that give them 2000 plus text a month, but of course restricted only to phones on the same network. The Father is on the other network, and his employer picks up all his phone bills.

Mummy of course is wise and cautious and uses a plan that gives her only 500 texts a month to all networks, and this is where the 21st century bit comes in.

Mummy is now the telephone exchange. When a child needs to contact the Father they text Mummy saying, "please get Dad to call me". Mummy then texts the Father and says, "please phone whichever daughter". In fact most texts from myself to the Father say only that, except for the one last night which reads," why the fuck is your daughter sitting in her car in the driveway of her own house and can't get in because your fukking wife won't let her have a key to her own home."

Funnily I've had no reply to that one.


Cactus Kate said...

A new low.

Even for him!

unPC lesbian said...


Number 1 Daughter is a studious child, hard working, #2 in her class this year so a good chance of being dux next year. Works part time, bought her own car.....but is not allowed a key to get in and out of her own home!!!

It is the Stepmothers decree, beyond comprehension!

Annie Fox! said...

Oh my god, you've got to be kidding!

unPC lesbian said...

Nope, not kidding. However Father and daughter had to do a big car journey yesterday and daughter promised to give him grief the entire time. As at 6.30pm last evening she is supposedly to get her own key.

We will see if it gets past the Stepmother tho on their return.

peterquixote said...

who's home is this PC

maybe the new wife doesn't like daughter 2, and maybe doesn't trust her

unPC lesbian said...

Actually Peter if you could read properly you would see we were discussing daughter number 1, and the home referred to is the family home that they were born in an have lived all their lives in, until the evil stepmother decided to move in a few years ago.

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