Thursday, December 4, 2008

Petrosexual Heaven

On Sunday I did a little road trip, and as this was in my pre i-Pod days I had to rely on magnetic tape and commercial radio stations for my sounds along the way, as the nana mobile has no cd player. Being an Active girl myself there was a lot of channel surfing as the hearty bonhomie of the dj's and excessive commercials just winds me up.

However, I did manage to catch one commercial that was on high rotate and it was advertising a petrosexual event, which now I find is apparently old news. Jeremy (swoon), Hamster and The Stig are coming to New Zealand for some form on Top Gear show in the new year. Now there's something to put on the Christmas wish list!

And on a completely different note, what I should be doing - the end of week invoices and end of month number crunching. What I have been doing - getting intimate with iTunes. I am now currently researching the BPM on all the music I have on this pc, as I have just discovered I can sort and create under this heading. I love new software and toys.


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