Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Girl Logic

And it's about shopping of course.

I went to the new Apple store across the road to look at accessories for my new toy, as I needed one of the arm bands thingies so I could safely take it running, having learnt the hard way what happens if you don't have one.

The nice boy showed me the products they have in store and after looking at the price tags I had to have a little sit down and a wee cup of tea to recover. Not wishing to attempt heart failure again I waited a day or two before looking in other stores.

I tried a large Australasian chain sports store, but the product they had was not pretty and not much cheaper. Finally yesterday I went to trusty Duck Smuffs and voila I was in luck.

Not only did they have a choice of products but the price was so favourable that I was able to purchase an arm band AND a dvd player for only a tenner more than what I didn't pay in the Apple store!! Excellent shopping skills methinks.


Bryan Spondre said...

Wellington has an Apple store ? Auckland doesn't. Just demonstrates how overpaid all the festering civil servants in Wellington are. Bring on Dr Douglas & Mr Hyde with a sharp scythe!!!!

Cactus Kate said...

Oh God no one buys the official Apple accessories!

unPC lesbian said...

Ok Ok...so it may not be an "Apple" store, she says running to the window...it's called the Bay, but it only sells Macs, lovely sexy yummy Macs, the one I want, and iPods.

And no Cactus, the bands they had were not Mac or Apple product but another brand, can't recall what, but obviously cos it was in the Mac store it had to have a matching price.

otter said...

um... you haven't heard of duct tape???

unPC lesbian said...

Otter, I LOVE duct tape, I have lashings of duct tape in 3 different colours....however for strapping round my arm to hold the iPod, no no no......it doesn't stretch, I can't access the controls, but most importantly I Never NEVER wax my arms!

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