Thursday, December 11, 2008


I haven't been able to lift weights for the last few weeks due to work and a wee shoulder/neck problem. I'm now having physio for that so no weights till I get the all clear.

Now I have managed to injure my lower back, bloody work again, and have just been to physio for that and have been banned from running also.

This is not good, I do not cope well with no exercise. I need my regular endorphin fix to be at peace with the world. I fear the staff are going to bear the brunt, and if they think I'm grumpy now they've got a whole new level coming.

Oooh, just realised that neither physio has told me I can't swim. I'm sure I can put up with the constant dripping sinus reaction to the pool chemicals, a small price to pay for an endorphin fix.


little drummer boy said...

Ahhh yes, the old swimming option. The problem I've always found with swimming, as compared to weights, as that I never feel like I've worked my muscles much.

One length of freestlye will exhaust me, but I'll recover quick and not feel anywhere near as good than if I've cranked out a few good heavy sets.

Although if you mention when you're hitting the pool, your groupies may decide to make an apparence!!!!!.

unPC lesbian said...'re just not doing enough lengths. 1k is the MINIMUM swim, then you do some lengths where feet are strapped together and you can only use your'll feel that.

Have just been told I can start weights again, restricted tho, and have to do 3 sets of back to 1 set of chest, and no delt thingies.

Oh well.....

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