Monday, December 22, 2008

New Goal

As you all know for purely shallow reasons I greatly admire Jillian Michaels, in much the same way that Cactus does Dan Carter, and in this blog I have frequently queried Jillians sexuality.
It appears that I am not the only lesbian on the planet who wonders as to the goddesses gender preference as this site gets hit hundreds of times every day by people asking the question "is Jillian Michaels gay ?"
It appears the answer is YES!
I have recently received a comment on an old post saying that yes Jillian is gay, and yes as I have surmised she dated Jackie Warner, and, that Jillian has just broken up with her current girlfriend. And cos I'm feeling tetchy today I'm not going to link to the blog post, you can all go searching for it. I did ponder briefly if the comment was genuine or a pisstake, but I reason that as over 30,000 women have been here in the last year asking "the" question, and that this is the first comment that has been left, I am taking it as true, and bless the other commenter's who are now so concerned that Jillian's privacy has been invaded.
So German Lufthansa long haul airline pilot, I know that you have one attribute that no other has, and that is being taller than I, but sorry darling, it's all over.

I now have a whole new focus for my positive affirmations.

I'm now seriously considering selling the child to raise the funds to get to Los Angeles to start the wooing process. Oooh, wonder how many personal training sessions I would have to purchase to get to the first date. Swoon, swoon. I'd even do abs for Jillian.


client1 said...

Why not just have both :P

unPC lesbian said...

I my dreams absolutley!! However, Lufthansa has her little British combat soldierette to amuse her, plus experience tells me that lesbians are not very good at sharing with some things.

They may innocently say they have no problems, but as soon you start multi dating the razorblades come out!

little drummer boy said...

Rarely would I watch a T.V programme solely to drool over a hot lass, but the silly series she was in was required veiwing for all the hot exercise moves one got to see her preform.

Still I get the impression that she would'nt be adverse to a bit of male company at times(or that could just be my wishful thinking).

If she was a regular attendee at your gym would you change your schedual for her I wonder???.

unPC lesbian said...

Oh LDB, would I change my schedule you ask.....I'd set up camp, move in......oh, mind you I've just realised that as I have stunning views of our lovely city fringe suburb I can actually see my gym. So really all I need to do is steal the telescope form the Club floor at work then I can constantly monitor the entrance to the gym from the comfort of the sofa.

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