Monday, March 16, 2009

Fashion Victim

I have been looking for a new dry wear running singlet for some time. I have tried all the name brands, from what little stock the major sports stores seem to hold, and nothing is just quite right. As you must realise with someone as vain as I, it's not just about running wear, but very much about looking good too.

The ex-ex had suggested I come and look at some of the dry wear samples they hold in stock, so finally today I managed that. There was one product on the rack that suited my exacting requirements but they only had a size 10 sample. I decided to be brave and try it on to get an idea of what size I would need. The size 10 fitted perfectly, swoon.

I promptly ordered 2 of them. This supplier is a screen printing business and I am now desperately resisting the urge to have the garments printed on the back saying "this top is a size 10!"


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