Friday, March 13, 2009

Sign 'O' The Times # 2

Number 1 daughter and a group of friends are currently driving down to Wellington to attend the Homegrown gig. Of course Mummy is worrying about them doing the BIG drive, but she assures me that the driver is the world slowest and never exceeds 85k. I now panic about that, knowing what impatient drivers Kiwi's can be, and fear bad overtaking maneuvers from said drivers. There will be a lot of texts exchanged today.

What is unusual about this trip is that they are NOT staying at home with Mummy. They will be home briefly to watch (cringe at) the first episode of "New Zealands Next Top Model", then they are off to house sit the property of the Aunty of one of the group. Ok, so number 1 daughter is allowed to drive halfway across the country, attend a large music event, house sit for some unknowns in Wellington, yet she is still not allowed a key and free access to her Fathers house.

Child in situ is off at an Athletics meet in Christchurch. She is now currently the number 1 woman in her event in New Zealand for this season. I fear the rapid swelling of her head may impede her results at this meet.

Current plan if she makes the distance this meet is World Youth in Italy later in the year, then trial for the Commonwealths. She's not too keen on the idea of India, so I think if she qualifies I'm going to have to pitch the concept of the great suntan she could get.

Mummy is going to relish in the luxury of an empty house for the weekend.


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