Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Blog

As a result of comments on the post below I have found a new blog to read, the commenter very cunningly put his URL in the comment, good ploy.

I've had a wee squizz at his site this morning and I am well amused, especially when I read sentences such as this:

This" I thought to myself, "is going to lead to me picking up my mate, dusting him off and telling him that he'll get over it in time" after the bride had systematically pureed his heart to a fine paste then served it on crackers with a garnish of fresh spring onion and a nice cup of tea.

I am now convinced that this writer is in fact a reincarnated Mitford sister in drag. I would sit and have a thorough read but apparently I have to do some, errrrr, work.


XChequer said...

Thats really nice, thanks unPC.

You can call me Unity, if you like (I may be a straight male but at least I have the vanity to want to be named after the best looking of the Mitfords). Credit where credits due tho, the champion blogger actually advised me to put my address at the end of comments as a way of garnering interest.

The nice thing now is that, rather than continually being an anonymous commenter, which can be likened to "flashing" ladies in a park. I now have my own online persona - which is more like being a porn star on the net....... all growd up!

unPC lesbian said...

But Diana was considered the real beauty, or is that just a sign of how perceptions have changed, or are you referring to Unity post shooting in the head?

Really tho as you are commenting on this blog Pamela should be the pick.

XChequer said...

Have just looked at the photo again on Wiki and you are quite right, I am Diana (cocked up the names below the pic, you see).

Re: Pamela...........mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........dunno. Being a lesbian identified hetro, I can see the attraction however, as you might agree with, vanity wins out!

I would rather be beautiful for a short while than committed for life.


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