Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Speed Dating

Or to be more accurate, Lesbian Speed dating.

This last week in Wellington has been Proud 09 with lots of different events happening. I've managed to attend several of them, the party on Saturday night, the Drag Kings (swoon) show on Monday night, and last night the Lesbian speed dating.

I was "dared" into going to this, but when I saw that it was a wine options evening my competitive spirit came to the fore and I quickly signed up. I also convinced several others to attend.

The event was held at Wineseeker a lovely little wine shop. I urge everyone to visit this store at some point because not only does it NOT stock any of the Sperm Donors product, but going by the quality of the wines presented last night and on the shelves, the owner has an excellent palate.

Due the small incestuous nature of the community that we play in, the actual "speed dating" concept was a bit of a fizzer as most of the women knew each other anyway, and had all caught up the night before at the Drag Kings (swoon), but the wine options was most successful.

For those of you who don't know it's a multi choice game. You are given a sample of wine to taste then you have to attempt to answer several questions on the wine. It was all made easier by the excellent knowledge of Nicola and the clues she imparted when discussing the various options available. I won the game though I was gutted that I got one question wrong. I did feel a bit guilty that I had an unfair advantage, but karma won out as my prize was a bottle of wine of a variety that I don't like.

I am now about to contact my fellow attendees to see if any of them have been contacted for a date.


Bryan Spondre said...

Lesbian speed dating ? Sounds like a DVD one would find in the screened off section of the video shop.

unPC lesbian said...

...or an advertisement for a furniture transporting company

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