Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hark, What is this blue stuff?

Not only is there this weird blue stuff in the sky, but there is a bright yellow orb in the middle of it as well.

The washing line is now full, the other clothes racks are full and on the deck, and I'm about to go out in it and stock up on vitamin D, oh and coffee - neeeeeeed cofffeeeeeee.

The tune? For the title, the fact that her voice is so yummy, and of course for the gorgeous pale orange 70's boilersuit she is wearing. A fashion that a certain High St chain I frequent a lot had a revival of over summer. Funnily, they are all on the sale rack now.

Addendum: I am such a fukkin html whizz now!! I published this post then saw the clip was too wide for my template, and changed the size of it without looking for help, I figured it all out myself!! (yes it is sad what spins my wheels these days!)


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