Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian #5

I must say I am very disappointed that all you "is Jillian Michaels a lesbian" fans haven't been screaming this latest bit of bit of gossip at me. Thankfully at least one person cares about me enough to send on the link.

So a wee excerpt from third to last paragraph page 2:

And though this self-proclaimed "anti-Hollywood girl" would rather watch Lost or hang with best pal actress Vanessa Marcil than go to parties, she does squeeze in time for dates—with men or women. "I've been in love with both," she says candidly.

Yeah, yeah I know similar to the Ladies Home Journal article. So I guess this could be seen as stepping out of the closet one baby step at a time.


Anonymous said...

update---totally a lesbian. she is adopting children with her girlfriend. announced it on TV show called "the talk" recently. (didn't mention her girlfriend, but she nearly said WE)

unPC lesbian said...

I see on facebook she's trying the decoy phrase of "my boyfriend" again as well. oh WTF, lots of us have male friends but we don't feel the need to call them a 'boyfriend'. Funnily, I think if she did come out it would make no difference at all to her audience, and most would probably just say finally!

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