Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're On the Move

The Great Flatmate Hunt has come to a most unexpected end, in that the child and I are on the move. We are downsizing and moving to an apartment which we are all very excited about.

It was getting down to the wire, and I'd started singing Bob Marley as well as the usual chanting while I waited for the universe to sort things, then as is the way with the universe I got a thrown a  last minute curve ball for a final dither and complication.

Last week for no apparent reason and with no pre planning I went and looked at an apartment that had been adverstised in the paper. I don't know why I went as it was out of my price bracket. I loved it when I saw it, and then the owner dropped the rent for a 1 year lease. The child came and looked at it after school, and I explained all the financial parameters, which included paying board next year, to which she agreed so it was decision made.

That evening I then got an email from someone who would have been the ideal flatmate, but sadly it was too late. I did meet with this woman, and she was lovely but the thought of living on our own was too great. As was the thought of no grounds, no oceans of pink carpet, no masses of housework, no vast power bills from trying to heat the house, and no having to live with the odd quirks of another person. The downside, no furball (who is currently trying to help me write this) She is going back to her first Mother, her first love.

On Saturday I went and signed the first lot of paper work, handed over loot, and "negotiated" a further rent reduction for an 18 month lease, so now we are just waiting for move in day.

We have a few items to download, so I'm thinking of doing a zero value auction on Trademe, with a special gift of a fully functioning crt monitor for whoever wins the auction. Sounds good to me.

So.....the new pad.


Chris said...

Cool. Good decision making, and not having to worry about flatmates...

And best wishes for the new apartment.

Phil said...

Yep - no lawns, no exterior maintenance, lock and leave ...enjoy

unPC lesbian said...

Yup, and security cameras on both entrances so I can check if needs who comes and goes when I'm out of town.....AND....what with tonight being rubbish and recycling night...No More dragging rubbish bags and crap down to the street....oh lovely lovely rubbish chutes on each floor.

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