Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonsils Anyone?

I have acquired a spare set of tonsils. Until this afternoon they were still attached to the child, but are now sitting in a speciman jar in the fridge.

I feel a new 'work of art' coming on, a collage of tonsils and ejected molars. The child is so going to love me when this new creation is put on public display.


Phil said...

Juast call yourself Damien Hurst and you're away larffing

Phil said...

Tell your friends that Damien Hurst did it

unPC lesbian said...

memo to self, must research if they need to be brined or anything before encasing in resin. Neeeeed resin.

Phil said...

Oooops! didn't mean to message twice. Technology and 53 y/0 brain not good mix. Yenyhoo - how about formadehyde?

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