Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Question

I'm currently up to my eyeballs in packing and downsizing, so normal transmission will resume once all that is complete, however, one random question.

You know when you go to the deli section in the supemarket and get your few hundred grams of chicken or salami etc, and they put it into one of those plastic bags then seal it with the barcode label. Well, is there a special school they send the deli assistants to where they learn how to twist and label those bags, so that no matter how carefully you try, you can't open them without spilling the contents everywhere? Just wondering.


Christopher said...

Use a scissor. Easiest.

The Russian said...

I'm with you: HATE it! As I don't cook, I'm a regular at the deli section and usually leave with quite a few bags and plastic containers, so I can have something with my wine in the evening. Happens every time! No matter how carefully I try to unwrap it, result is always the same:contents everywhere BUT on the plate

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