Monday, June 7, 2010

A Wee Announcement

As many of you are already aware I appear to have become a bit of a media slut. I have joined the blog crew over at GayNZ so now have a second blog running. You can see it here. It uses Wordpress so I guess in blogging terms that means I'm bilingual.

I will still keep this blog going as this is my own personal baby, the topics and posts at Vanity Rules will have a different focus. This site is where I will still prattle on about my life, work outs, Jillian and lets not forget child abuse.

And on that note, when I got home from the gym today the child was all excited as she had just downloaded a new browser, Opera, which allows her to watch youtube, and chat in facebook. So damn, there goes the bandwith again. However I may have spoken too soon, as there has suddenly been a bit of swearing and abusing of the computer, so all may not be happy in Opera land. Somehow I don't think a browser that modern would be compatible with Windows ME (there, I've put it out there), however I'm open to be proved wrong.

And now it's time to go and research dumplings. I have some beef and vegetables slowly braising in the oven and I think it may need dumplings as there appears to be a surfeit of gravy.


Cactus Kate said...

Brilliant GayNZ is perfect for your little works of art. A direct voice to the gay political lobby.

nzm said...

Windows ME - God, you are into child abuse!!! lol

unPC lesbian said...

I Know NZM, I thought that form of child abuse was particularly subtle...and to just add that wee bit extra, her hard drive is only 14gb!!

nzm said...

Ah - you're an out and out masochist!

unPC lesbian said...

Just helping out the new sub editor in her quest for more lesbian content, and more Wellington content. Keep an eye on the "scene" pics as well.

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