Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A good week

Oooh, it's looking like a good week. The library robot finally rang and said Decca's letters was ready for me, I'm so excited. At over 700 pages it still doesn't rival the Warhol diaries for size, but with lots of new Mitford trivia I'm well pleased.

While I was picking the book up I hired a couple of cd's I'd been after for a while, so now I've almost replaced all the tunes that were stolen the second to last time my car was broken into.

And to top it off I actually looked at the newspaper today and heavenly bliss the Goddesses are back on tv this week.

I can't wait till 7.30pm Friday. What will I wear?


Martha Craig said...

What is with their sleeves on the bottom of that page? Are they pirates?

unPC lesbian said...

I'm picking a brief fashion trend that has yet to hit here. Gutted the site has taken off the pic of Trinny in a dinner suit with tie all askew and undone...HOT....

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