Monday, June 25, 2007

On baking an floor cleaning

The child baked yesterday. The results this time were quite pleasing as she did several things differently:

  1. She followed the instructions
  2. She measured everything
  3. She followed Mothers advice about when to take it out of the oven.

As a chef I have trained people to cook but I find it very difficult to do so with the children as it involves hot things, and sharp things. Therefore I tend to write a big list of instructions and leave the house, a method that seems to be working ok.

Yesterdays baking involved cocoa and vast quantities of butter, large amounts of which are stuck to the floor. I stayed in bed till noon today to give the cleaning fairy's a chance, but they didn't visit even though I was very quiet. I then went out for a run to give them a chance, but still no visit. I am now resorting to more primitive techniques and am sprinkling a few drops of milk on the floor an locking the cats in.


Eronn said...

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unPC lesbian said...

awwww thanks Erron. Have moved house since then and baking doesn't seem to be quite so high on the teenagers list of fun things to do.

Also, I have my new 100% foolproof method for getting things done, and that is to remove the internet cable. Works a treat!

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