Thursday, June 21, 2007

Skinny Jeans

.......or maybe this should read "you know you're old when"......... However, skinny jeans another fashion phase I'm just going to let pass me by. Been there, done that, and know I'm well tough cos that was in the days before they started putting lycra into the denim.

I've been observing this current fashion trend on those around me, not on the child as she has skinny genes and has trouble finding jeans to fit, however there are plenty of examples roaming the streets. And of course many examples who could do with a visit to Trinny and Susannahs mirror torture capsule.

Now I really know I'm old because in my mind the back pockets of your jeans should sit pertly, slightly above the the largest, roundest part of the buttock. Nowadays, due to the low rise it appears that the pockets now sit on the back upper thigh. I spotted an extreme case last night, a male fashion victim who had on to die for purple corduroy's, skin tight to a few inches above the knee then sagging from the top down a la gangsta boy. His pockets were just above the knee.

I'm still trying to figure out how he would manage to use the pockets as he seemed to have ordinary length arms.


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