Friday, June 8, 2007

Still 3 Hours Missing and no Lion Man

I see everyone is finally calming down on the latest hot topic, and though it all is very very sad for the family involved and the poor contractor, something still seems odd about it all. The politicians jumped on it as a point scoring game turning it into a media circus and thereby clouding the true reality, but helloooo the election is still a year away, your average voter will have forgotten it by then. As Mr Farrar points out the politicians need to back off so the real story can come out.

So I, and no doubt many others as well, want to know what happened after the power was turned off. We're told three hours went by, what happened in that time? Was no effort made to run a power cord from the neighbours, were no medical people consulted, what were the family members doing, and a million other questions as to why it appears nothing was done before or after. Will this ever be revealed now that the media has turned the whole business into a political hot potato with their, as usual, totally unbiased reporting.

My other concern is that this pushed the Lion man story off top billing, as this was getting to the very very interesting stage. We had Mr Lion man doing a poor me act "I came home and saw something no husband should have to see, and I reacted". Oh whatever! He saw his wife in bed with another couple (the wife of which is hot Hot HOT) and he threw a major tanty cos he wasn't invited. Then we get the wife and the "best friends" saying "we were just comforting her because her husband had told her the marriage is over". Yeah right. Just giving her comforting cuddles while they were naked in bed, and she in a moment of comfort took off her top and crawled in with them, it was all innocent. Right! Well that's what we all do isn't it when we have friends visiting. Xie if you're reading this I expect the same treatment from you and J boy next time I visit.

I think there's a little bit of truth to each side of that story, but I guess they're all breathing a sigh of relief now it's no longer hot topic of the week. I of course hope it gets resurrected cos the other woman is HOT, I can see why the Lion Man would spit the dummy cos he wasn't allowed to play with her as well.


Ms Klake said...

She was quite attractive wasn't she.

To be honest I wouldn't invite the Lion Man to have some couples fun with me either. He seems quite crusty.

unPC lesbian said...

My thoughts exactly, there's only one 3'some combo out of that lot and it doesn't include the Lion Man!

Captain Crab said...

I can understand why she dumped him...
On the Muliagos, maybe an idea would have been to take mum and the oxygen machine to the neighbours???Or was there a Union embargo on doing that from "family friend" Mr Sheehan.

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah, there's a lot of agenda pumping and agenda hiding goin on with this story. The politicians tryin to use it to make them look good, and Mr Sheehan with his own agenda. David Farrar over at kiwiblog has some good links on the family friend, haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but it appears Mr Sheehans motivation is his own political activism. He's the one that should be shot for using the family drama for his own publicity, pity he didn't put the same energy into helping keep Mrs Muligo alive

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