Monday, June 25, 2007

Interconnection in the Lesbian world

We went to a house warming party on Saturday night. As it was just one street away we could walk and I could then attempt to drink far too much. The theme was Kiwiana, which seem to mean that the only food to eat was pavlova.

As other writers have pointed out Lesbians seem to move in little cliques, and on this occasion several overlapped.

One of the new house owners is the "stalker" of friend K. (stalkers in this case being fully encouraged by said friend until someone more interesting comes along, then K gets to moan about not being able to get rid of the stalker). House owner/stalker rents and lives in another property very close, and apparently this is the property that K's girlfriend was after but missed out on because the stalker signed first. Suffice to say stalker has not heard from K for many months. A good result all round I thought.

I chatted to another woman whom I had met once before, she calls herself SuzyQ. Only by stuffing another piece of pav in my mouth did I manage to refrain from any inappropriate remarks along the lines of " the only thing you and Sluttro have in common is height". However it turns out I employ her son, Cute Vain Boy. I knew I'd employed her daughter before, but was unaware that CVB was hers as well. I also employ her ex sister in law, and as that thought crossed my brain so did all the stories that the ex Sister in law had told me about CVB's Mother. More pav stuffing ensued.

Later on in the evening Ms D arrived. I have met Ms D many times over the last few years and we have a couple of friends in common. I guess Ms D is glad that our main friend in common has returned to the UK, as every time I have run into Ms D this year she is with a woman who is not her wife. I guess that explains why she doesn't make eye contact when we meet and avoids my conversation attempts. The last time I chatted with her in public I asked after her sons, and the people she was out with were completely unaware that she had children. They are 15 years old!

Finally my stomach let me know that pavlova was not sufficient to mop up the consumed alcohol so we trotted off home for some serious carbs. One stunning new fact came to mind while scoffing on the sofa. 70% of the women I met that night live in a 2 block radius of my house. My city fringe suburb is turning into Lesbian mecca.


Cactus Kate said...

That link is highly misleading.

Most of the females on the page are hot. That being the case Un-PC you would have discovered your lesbian side years ago I imagine.

As you would agree, the majority of lesbian women are not that hot. A fact that everyday you have a wee cry over.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes those images are definately whitewash/ Amercanised/sanitised ideas of Lesbians, however it was the text of the article I was more interested in, namely Lesbains wandering round in lttle cliques shagging each other. All the cliques are currently rearrangeing themselves right this space.

Strangely that site uses the same images on each of the articles.

And yes when I first started playing round with women it was in the days when they were "wimmin" and all conformed to the hairy ugly stereotype, hence taking another 15 years to finally jump the fence!!

brenda said...

oh my god, does this mean that you're at the center of some 2 block radius lesbian whirlwind extravaganza? wow.

alternatively, surrounded by people who don't like to drive or walk far ;-)

unPC lesbian said...

yes but the only ones we met and would like to catch up with again live in other areas.

Strangely the local ones haven't discovered the pleasures of our fave pool playing venue!!! Funny that!

BTW, Sunday was my best day EVER. I won 3/10 games. I fear tho that I have used up the next two tyers worth of "moments of brilliance".

unPC lesbian said...

years even!

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