Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Unanswered Questions

You guessed it, Millie Elder/Holmes.

I know the media are stressing that Paul Holmes adopted her while married to Hine so yes technically he is her "father", but why is her mother not around. Why was Hine not at court? Where is her biological father? Seems very odd that the person Millie runs to is not a biological relative.

And yes I know that Mr Holmes is high profile, has clout and very sharp expensive lawyers who will no doubt be able to make this disappear with no more than a smack on the hand, or at worse a bit of community service, but don't you think this going to make Dr Hine look bad.

Personally I find the ethics of this a bit disturbing, as it appears right now that Dr Hine is quite prepared to use the power of "celebrity" to help get her daughters charges reduced, an option that poor little Susan Nobody doesn't have. I'd much rather have a Doctor that stood up and said "yes my daughter has broken the law, but I am standing by her not matter what the outcome is".

Oh well, then again, maybe Dr Hine is just practising dodgy ethics so she can audition for a role on "House" now that it seems that Forman is leaving!


MarcusD said...

I have heard that it is because Hine has put on a massive amount of weight and doesn't want the public to know that.

unPC lesbian said...

ha! ha! ha!, ROFL even. Oh bless, what a caring person she is then putting vanity as her top priority.

MaryCherry said...

Millie is a modern-day gay icon!

Our own Paris if she plays her cards right.

The police operation into all the posh shop ram raids that she was involved in was called Operation Vuitton - I love it - so gay!

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