Monday, July 14, 2008

Caption Contest

"Because I can!"

"Preparing to visit Auckland"

Photo supplied by bored teenager at gym with no phone reception. Child revenge methinks.

Please do send in your own captions.


little drummer boy said...

Single are "preacher" curls with 12.5kg db's. Nice work.

unPC lesbian said...

working my way up to 15kg then I may be happy!!

MaryCherry said...

If I stare at the weights long enough they look like boobies!

unPC lesbian said...

No can't, breasts squashed uncomfortably into the chair pad

BellyWho said...

The reaction to HRT was not as the doctor had predicted!

unPC lesbian said...

oooh bellywho, thats mean...just cos you're "goin thru the change"....doesn't mean you can tar me with that brush. ha ha

And if you slip any hormones into my drinks I'll put alcohol into yours!!!

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