Thursday, July 3, 2008

Coooeeee Charlotte

I am most distraught, I see that Sinnercyst, a junior league and very amusing blogger, has changed her blog to "invited readers only" and I'M NOT INVITED.

I'm very fragile at the moment Charlotte, I may dig out the razor blades over this.


kimhmm said...

I was distraught also. My only consolation is the sheer volume of scandal to catch up on when I am invited...

unPC lesbian said... side of me hopes she is shagging herself silly on both sides of the playground and will return to tell all......but then the demon Mummy streak comes out and says I hope she's studying!!!

The Token Sinner said...

Was forced to temporarily privatise blog due to threats of blackmail from Elder Sister (bless her heart.) Is only until August when she leaves for Canada, but in the meantime I am reluctant to jeopardise my ever tenuous hold on the parentals' good graces.

Never fear, am both shagging and studying :P

unPC lesbian said...

Excellent hopes you are shagging for ma s well, cos someones got to!!!

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