Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Slight Departure.....

.....from the usual ramblings of my ever so riveting life to venture into the field of movie review, not my usual style as books and words are normally my forte, but here goes.

Last night I watched Control, and big thanks to my local video store for making all new releases $6, so now I can afford to do something on a Saturday night besides finding new places to hide the razor blades.

The movie is about the short life of Ian Curtis and the band Joy Division, which if you are under 40 years old you will have no idea who I'm talking about so go visit someone else's blog. It's made by Anton Corbjin who obviously was a huge fan, black and white, and the performances of the actors is so stunningly perfect you'll be blown away. All the Joy Division songs are performed by the actors.

A most alarming aspect of the movie is the inference that the medical profession prescribed medication for Curtis's epilepsy, but left it up to him to dose and "see what works best". I guess we should be glad that Chris Knox had a better level of care so is still here to create great music and be a spokesperson for epilepsy in NZ.

It's such a perfect little period piece with some classic Bowie, Iggy and Roxy Music tunes in there as well. I am so going to get my hands on a turntable for the party of the year so we can play some of the classics.

Kitchen Bitch, if you haven't already seen it go and hire it immediately, the ex boyfriend will appreciate it immensely, since he was the one that introduced me to "Unknown Pleasures", one of the pivotal and most influential albums of my life. And to quote an Ian Curtis line from the movie, " it was only ever about Unknown Pleasures".


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the online post dvd stores etc and they offer a two week free trial so it's worth giving it a try.

I watch movies (or tv shows on dvd) everynight including new releases for $10 a week.

Currently catching up with the old Sex and the city shows I missed with no adds. Love love love it.

unPC lesbian said...

oooh, cool, thanks for that, I will go have a look.

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