Friday, July 25, 2008

Woman on a Mission # 2

Ok, off to the gym last night to have a good go on the shoulders, oh look it's all the big boys again and little old me. Goodness nice big boy who usually wears a faded sweat top is wearing a singlet today and he is HUUUUGGGEEE, lovely shape and definition, but HUUUUGGGEEEE.

Right, 10 minutes row to start and warm up then on to kneeling row, haven't done it for a while so only 15kg, want to do lats after but some dork with a notebook is on it, oh well, dumbbell shoulder press 7.5kg, lat machine still busy so a quick 3 sets of shoulder flies at 5kg. Lat machine still busy, get off the fukkin machine dork don't you know I'm a shoulder mission. Memo to self, tell gym staff to put up time limit notice on weight machines the same as they have on cardio equipment. Bugger, now have to do the other dreaded lat one where you counter balance and pull yourself up, hate it, oh right, now that I've finished dork and his notebook move on. Off to the cable now for shoulder cross over thingies at 9kg, then cable chest at 18kg, then on to the lat machine for front bicep pull downs at 45kg. Oooh big boy is doing something different for his shoulders must remember that. Need another chest (sic) so swiss ball press at 10kg, then 3 sets of 21's at 15kg to finish off. Fuk me haven't done those in a while, they almost hurt. On to the cross trainer for 10 more minutes cardio and nearly fall off from laughing hysterically at seeing NSBG's husband and child on news story about unusual names. Jump on scales, wrists safe, head off home.

Fuel up on steak while chanting grow shoulders, grow. Get phone call from a friend who has been stranded at Auckland airport for over 5 hours cos we're closed down here. Laugh hysterically at her good Samaritan story of trawling through the main airport lounge areas and bringing assorted waifs and strays to the Koru Lounge to use up her points, all the while hearing clinking bottles in the background, testing the brandy apparently. Somehow through my laughter I agreed to help shovel and wheelbarrow a mountain of topsoil on the weekend, she assures me it will do wonders for my shoulders. I'm praying madly for rain.

Phew, decide since I've been a paragon of virtue all week and kind to my liver I can reward myself with one of my precious few bottles of Olssens 2002 Riesling, yummy yummy. Finally slide off to bed praying that my shoulders will be all gorgeous and shapely in the morning.


Sharron Tan said...

Your prayer for rain answered, shoulders not inclusive.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, but now I'm going to have to go for an extreeeeemly big run to counter the enormous amount of icecream that slid down my throat last night.

The label said lashings of gooey caramel but as much as I ate, I still couldn't find any!!

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