Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stop Bloody Raining

Stop bloody raining, stop bloody raining, stop bloody raining, stop bloody raining, stop BLOODY raining.

Normally I don't mind possible airport closures as we're the number 1 property for disrupts which means lots of lovely revenue, but as it's all about me and I'm flying today IT HAS TO STAY OPEN..

My tension has not been helped by the Prickly one sending me pictures of her reclining on a white sandy Caribbean beach, nice abs chook, but you still deserve to lose your bloody iPod for that sort of torture. And then at morning talk the RDM was gleefully saying it looks like a good day for disrupts, may have to get coffee girls to sabotage his coffee for that jinx.

I am so organised and on top of it all that I only have one task to complete today, then have the rest of the day to stew and fester over the weather. I think I may programme my phone to auto dial the airport every 10 minutes. And of course as I'm flying on the most budget of budget flights no lovely access to the Koru club or brandy testing for me.

I think I may go file some teaspoons just to keep busy.

Oooh, and I've just remembered I'm going to be off line for 4 days, goodness how will I cope. Can you believe it that there is a house in Auckland that doesn't have an internet connection AND doesn't have a computer in it. Of course since it is a property of architectural significance in NZ it really would spoil the integrity of it. And before you all start bleating about wireless and laptops, that's a NO to both!


Cactus Kate said...

C can't have internet at home or boss would never leave her alone!!

Abs are declining fast now thanks to lobsterfest and of course I am having to do tricep dips on my own now which is not nearly as much fun fuck it.

Hope you made it out of there before the weather packed in.

I'm off home (7 days and I'm calling the villa home) for some more sand and surf.

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