Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Circuit Please PLEASE

As the child is again injured and not training I have decided to steal her Les Mills swipe card and take it with me on my wee holiday, and visit the big city gym while in the big city, weather dependent as I don't have a car this trip.

As a little aside, this is a modern single Mother anomaly. She gets a very cheap rate for Les Mills via her coach which I pay for, bad bad Mummy that I am. I don't have access to that rate and can't afford even the corporate specials so attend a very very micro gym close to home. If I am successful at getting myself in at Auckland, and no one notices that I'm not 15 years old, I may borrow the card more often down here.

However, I have decided when I attempt to go on Saturday for my "last chance work out" as such,(mid afternoon if anyone is interested) that I would like to do a circuit, I yearn to do a circuit as it's too long since I last attended a gym with a circuit. I am a bit confused though. I have trawled the Les Mills site, but all I can find are references to group circuit classes, but I don't want to do a group thing. I am self motivating I don't need anyone to yell at me to go harder, unless it's Jillian of course.

So could someone please assure me that there is a circuit there that I can access without having to bond with others?


Anonymous said...

There is indeed a circuit studio in the city where you can work out yourself. There also is a rack of treadmills overlooking it.

Being a muscle women and a perver, I'd have thought you'd be more into the classes 8))

Perhaps consider the pump class at 11.10am. It's a practice for the filming of their pump video for international distribution. Would be interested in your comments about how hot (or not !) the presenters are - both male and female. Ogle time !.

unPC lesbian said...

11.10 AM.....will I even be awake?? Pump...haven't done a pump class for over 8 years and being seriously vain I'd hate to be seen as unco and inexperienced...however if you're gonna offer to pick me up along the way I could be convinced!!!

Mind you, you really are talking dirty when you say treadmills overlooking circuit....swoon swoon

The ex-expat said...

It's a shame you weren't here a few months ago when Les Mills were bringing in all their international instructors. The ones from Portugal were rather lovely.

unPC lesbian said...

Ooh...I now have visions of people in unusual positions due to language differences.....

Has also been confirmed that I have NO CAR.....she says grovelling sweetly to anyone offering to drive me......I promise I will keep all my sweat well contained.

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