Sunday, July 20, 2008

Welcome back Mac

I have the Mac back and running sweet and I'm blogging from it now, can you tell??? I am also continuing the child abuse as again I haven't transferred all the music files over from the pc, plenty of time for that.

I've just got back from another road trip visiting lovely old friends who insist on cooking yummy food for me along with fabulous wines. Last nights Waipara Hills Pinot Gris and the sticky we had were the stand outs. I've had to immediately go to the gym for a double work out, cardio and weights, and for those who are interested I've reached 15kg one arm preacher curls. YES!!

And just to show how influential I am in the lives of my friends, my hosts of last night made a momentous life changing decision that will always be linked to my visit. I think they were really trying to cover up the fact that they couldn't immediately answer one of my questions, which was, "so how long have you two been married now?" They got a bit lost on the mathematical calculation of it when working out eldest child's age plus or minus the 3 months pregnancy at the ceremony. 

However, sometime around the point when I was doing the little dance of happiness that the three of us were cooking together again, my hosts decided it was time to take the table cloth off the kitchen prep table and finally let the work surface begin to age and earn some battle scars of life!!! They know I will be checking regularly to make sure the cloth never goes back on. I may be tempted to carve my initials on my next visit.

A common theme also with the people I visited was how our eldest teenagers were turning into nice people that we all want to spend time with. As I was handing out the invitations to my up coming party, aka the party of the century, I said that teenagers were welcome to come. The consensus then changed to "no they're not" we want to have fun! Damn, there go my plans of getting the teenagers to clean up while the parents head in to town and the dance floor.


little drummer boy said...

Congrats on upping the weight. Without sounding too sexist, I'm really impressed that you're cranking out sets with that kind of weight. You're out doing the boys!!.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, but thats only cos it's very hard for me to build muscle on my arms due to the repetitive carrying they had to do for many years...will stop at 15kg.

Now I'm back to obsessing about the shoulder muscles at the top of my arms, want nice shaped rounded ones.......

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